November 28– Exodus 36:20-30

November 28– Exodus 36:20-30

20 Then he made the upright frames for the tabernacle of acacia wood. 21 Ten cubits was the length of a frame, and a cubit and a half the breadth of each frame. 22 Each frame had two tenons for fitting together. He did this for all the frames of the tabernacle. 23 The frames for the tabernacle he made thus: twenty frames for the south side. 24 And he made forty bases of silver under the twenty frames, two bases under one frame for its two tenons, and two bases under the next frame for its two tenons. 25 For the second side of the tabernacle, on the north side, he made twenty frames 26 and their forty bases of silver, two bases under one frame and two bases under the next frame. 27 For the rear of the tabernacle westward he made six frames. 28 He made two frames for corners of the tabernacle in the rear. 29 And they were separate beneath but joined at the top, at the first ring. He made two of them this way for the two corners. 30 There were eight frames with their bases of silver: sixteen bases, under every frame two bases.

Why would God care about such details as tenons and clasps? 

What have you learned about God from seeing His instructions on building the tabernacle?

Heavenly Father, You don’t just care about the tenons and clasps.  I see in these details that You want me to know that You care about the things in my life that I see as minute and insignificant.  You might be the Creator of the world and the Healer, Defender, Comforter, and Lord, but You care about what matters to me.  Help me bring everything to You and not believe the enemy when He tells me I need to handle anything on my own.  I know You want me to communicate with You and share everything with You.  It isn’t about the “what”, it is about the relationship I have with You.  You already know everything.  Help me to remember You want me to be the one to share it with You because then I am in a place to listen as well. 

In Jesus’ name.





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