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May 31 – Genesis 24:10-28

May 31 – Genesis 24:10-28 Please click this link to listen to the content of this post: Father, these verses remind me that there are so many who don’t know You. Some even “believe in” You, but they don’t KNOW You. So many say they are “Christians” when they have never met Christ. Help me to reach the lost, especially the ones that truly believe they know You. There are so many “good” people out there that need You, and they are so hard to reach because they believe they are okay. I know the enemy loves for them to believe they are okay, but the truth of our sin separating us from God is very real and very much a stumbling block to so many. Help me have the right words when I talk to those the enemy has fooled. Help me know how and when to reach them. Help me be a light to help them see the truth of their own lives and the sacrifice Jesus made. This gift You have made so readily available t

May 30 – Genesis 24:1-9

May 30 – Genesis 24:1-9 Click on this link to listen to the content of this post: Wonderful Father and Counselor, I absolutely love these verses where we see Abraham being so specific to give You the credit of being THE Lord of all the earth. He was living in an area with so many gods and knew better than most that You are above all others. You are THE God and wanted to be sure his servant understood that as well as the promise the servant was making was being sworn in Your presence as well as in a way that the servant understood the serious nature of the promise he was making. I love seeing the protective nature of Abraham as a father that he wanted to bring a wife that would be of one mind with Isaac, but he was also being protective over the future generations of his people. This servant had to realize Abraham meant business when he had him swear to his God because the servant must have wi

May 29 - Genesis 23:1-20

May 29 – Genesis 23:1-20 Click on this link to listen to the content of this post: Father, I pray that I can be a light to a dark world. I pray that people can see something different in me from those who don’t know You. I know there are too many times I act just like those of the world. Forgive me Father when I don’t represent You well. It’s amazing to think that even as old as Sarah was when Isaac was born she was able to see him grow to be a man of 37. You are such a gracious God to allow her that time to raise her son and see him grow to love You. I thank You for my own children who love You. Thank You that I have been able to see them grow to be adults, parents and grow spiritually to desire to honor You. I ask that You would help me impact the next generation as they will be adults before I know it. What I do today to represent You can impact generations to come. Help me be obedient to

May 28 – Genesis 22:15-20

May 28 – Genesis 22:15-20 Please click on this link to listen to the content of this post. Heavenly Father, I look at these verses and I think about how obedient Abraham was and passed the test. I have to admit that I don’t want to be tested, but I also have to admit that when I have been tested in the past, You have taught me and I have grown. Why is it we need difficult times to realize how much we need You? Why is it when things are good, we forget You? Why are we fickle followers? I really want to be all in, Father. I want to give it all to You. I think of Paul and how he expressed so well the desire to do Your will, but the inability to do what he knew he should do. Oh, how I know what he meant. I want to do the right thing, and there are so many times I know what I should do, but I just don’t do it. Help me grow in obedience and trust in You, Father. I know in my head You are trustworthy, but if I believed it like Abraham

May 27 – Genesis 22:9-14

May 27 – Genesis 22:9-14 Click this link to listen to the content of this post. Father, I have to admit that I don’t have the right words to share how these verses make me feel. Part of me is proud of Abraham and his obedience, and another part is sickened by the actions he had to take to be obedient. What I know for sure is that I cannot rely on my emotions. That has been proven many times. You gave us emotions for a reason, but I know we can’t make decisions based on emotions. We have to make our decisions based on truth. That had to be how Abraham was able to take the steps to be obedient to You. I know he loved Isaac very much and I imagine his emotions were screaming to save his beloved son, but he knew without a doubt the truth that You were calling him to sacrifice his son. I can’t imagine the struggle that took place in Abraham that day and the relief when Your angel stopped him. I c

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May 26 – Genesis 22:1-8

May 26 – Genesis 22:1-8 Click this link to listen to this post: Oh Father, this story of Abraham’s willingness to be obedient even with the life of his own son shows how much Abraham had grown as he had spent time with You. He knew You as a God of love, mercy and grace. He knew You had a plan. You told him of Your plan. You did everything You promised You would do. You always keep Your promises. Thank You, Father for being trustworthy. In the world we live in, we seldom find anything we can always trust in. I have to admit, when I read this account of Abraham’s obedience I struggle. I would like to say I would be that obedient, but I’m not sure I could do what Abraham did. I am weak. I want to love You and trust You enough that no matter what You asked of me I would follow. Help me trust You more. Help me love You more. Help me see You clearer. I believe Father, help me with my unbelief. In

May 25 – Genesis 21:22-34

May 25 – Genesis 21:22-34 Click link below to listen to the content of this post: Heavenly Father, help me to always represent You with the utmost integrity. Help me to remember when I say I am Your follower, I need to know people judge You based on what they see in me. Help me to remember that I need to always treat everyone as if Jesus were sitting there watching everything I do, because He is, You are. You are everywhere I am as Jesus lives in me and You see everything I do. Not just what I do, but the attitude I have as I am doing it. How often have I not done as I was told or I did as I was directed to do, but with a bad attitude? Forgive me Father when I forget that everything I do is a reflection on You. I remember growing up my parents telling me that I should always say please and thank you. Always pick up after myself, and always help out when I am in the home of friends. I told my own daughter those same things when

May 24 – Genesis 21:8-21

May 24 – Genesis 21:8-21 Click on this link to listen to the content of this post. Thank You Father for showing Your kindness to Hagar and her child. It shows what a loving God You are, which I know, but sometimes the world tries to portray You as only a judging God, or some as a God who doesn’t care because of the horrible things that happen on earth. The ones who know You, know better. This is a great story for us to be able to combat the negative comments that come from unbelievers and see the truth about who You are and how You love. It is interesting to me that so many see You as a judge and dictator style god, while some churches try to portray You as only love that knows no discipline. Love that gives money to those who believe, which means if we struggle financially, we are doing something wrong. I see Jesus Himself during His ministry having enough to get by and nothing more. I see His followers struggle to pay their