May 4, 2024 – 1 Samuel 2:22-26

May 4, 2024 – 1 Samuel 2:22-26


22  Now Eli was very old, and he kept hearing all that his sons were doing to all Israel, and how they lay with the women who were serving at the entrance to the tent of meeting.  23  And he said to them, “Why do you do such things? For I hear of your evil dealings from all these people.  24  No, my sons; it is no good report that I hear the people of the LORD spreading abroad.  25  If someone sins against a man, God will mediate for

him, but if someone sins against the LORD, who can intercede for him?” But they would not listen to the voice of their father, for it was the will of the LORD to put them to death. 26  Now the boy Samuel continued to grow both in stature and in favor with the LORD and also with man.


In these scriptures we find aging Eli rebuking his sons regarding their sinful lives.  Eli shares that God will have the last say regarding them turning their backs on God.  Eli verbally reprimands his sons, but takes no action to correct or guide his sons’ disobedience.  Eli’s sons did not want to repent and God brought judgment upon them through death.  In deep contrast, Samuel grew to become a godly man.  What are you doing to insure the children in your life are being taught obedience to both you and God?  What actions can you take immediately to instill that our children grow to be Godly men and women?  Remember, children are listening and watching our every word and action.  Let your life song sing for you.  (Casting Crowns) 


Heavenly Father, I read these verses and think about the responsibility You have given us as parents to teach our children.  I think back to years before we even had any children to observing a child acting out in a restaurant and thinking I would never allow my child to act in that manner, but reality is that I can’t control how my children act, only how I respond to my children.  Help me respond to my grandchildren and other children I know with love, but an attitude of teaching and discipline them.  We are not only to teach but to be the example.  I know so many times we act a certain way but expect our children to act better, but they will emulate us, even when we don’t want them to…especially when we don’t want them to.  Help us Father, to be a good parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend.  One they can copy with pride.  One that when they copy our actions, those actions are not ones that would cause them shame or get them into trouble.  Help us to be good examples so that we can honor You in that way.


In Jesus’ name.



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