Palm Sunday 2024


As we celebrated the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem or what is commonly referred to as “Palm Sunday”, I wonder how many of us truly have allowed Jesus to be in the place in our hearts He truly deserves.  He is our Creator, Savior, Healer, Comforter, He’s King of kings, and Lord of lords, and He is our life.  Have you allowed Him to sit on the throne of your life, or are you keeping that spot filled with your own wants, desires and ambitions?  I know I have filled the seat of my heart with myself way too many times, and find it a struggle some days to keep myself from taking a seat where I don’t belong.  The enemy doesn’t make it easy, but our Lord makes it possible.  Please make a commitment today to give the seat of ruling your heart over to the one who gave His life so you could live eternally with Him.


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