Holy Week Monday 2024


Holy Week Monday 2024

Jesus knew what was about to happen to Him.  He knew within the week He would be tried, crucified and resurrected.  He knew He would face pain, humiliation, and betrayal like no one else has ever experienced.  Even with knowing all this, He chose to enter Jerusalem rather than run and hide, or use His powers to divert attention, or even argue His innocence. 

He went willingly.  What are you going to do willingly for Him today? 

Will you share him with your neighbor who lost their spouse and share the hope He gives? 

Will you pray in public without shame to show Him and those around you that you are proud to call Him Savior?

Will you spend time in His word to learn more about Him and allow Him to speak to you?

Will you unashamedly attend church, not just on Easter, but every opportunity and allow God to use you and your abilities to teach others?

Will you invite someone not join you this Easter Sunday morning as you attend church and praise the fact Jesus is risen?

What will you do to show Jesus, He didn’t die in vain?


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