Good Friday 2024


Good Friday 2024

Friday of Holy week is the day that Jesus trials ended early in the morning and He was sent just outside the city walls to be crucified.  As he was being questioned, beaten and ultimately found guilty and sentenced to death, His followers were scattered, but some stayed in the city to see what happened to Him with the trials.  Peter was one of those that gathered around a nearby fire trying to blend in with the other Passover guests in the city.  As he was called out as being one of Jesus’ followers, Peter denied any association with Jesus, not just once or twice, but three times, just as Jesus said. 

These denials make me think of how we deny Christ today.  Sometimes we deny Him by hanging out with those we know don’t believe, and try to “fit in” with them.  There is nothing wrong with associating with them, but we certainly don’t want to hurt our witness by trying to be one of them. 

Sometimes we deny Jesus by refusing to be obedient when He gives us an opportunity to share and we refuse because it makes us uncomfortable.  Just like Peter, we run and hide and try to blend in with those who don’t believe.

How might you be denying Christ today?  What can you do to seek forgiveness and begin anew?


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