It has been one year!

 It has been one year!

In late January of 2023 I was prompted by God to start the Facebook Ministry, When God Whispers.  It’s official start date was February 1, 2023.  I can’t believe it has been a year.
Shortly after its beginning, God gave me the names of three women to serve with me in this ministry as no ministry can be done without others as "Iron sharpens iron".  I am so thrilled that all three agreed and I can't imagine this ministry woud still exist without their servant attitude and amazing input as we work to daily post God's word.  Any times that are missed, have been entirely my fault, as these ladies are always on the ball.  Thank you Amy, Debbie and Robin.  You are my sanity!
We now have over 500 members of the group and hundreds more that visit and participate on a regular basis.  We have done no “advertising” just word of mouth and sharing with friends we feel would appreciate the approach we take on sharing God’s word.
I have seen many “daily verses” and that is wonderful and I’m all about sharing meaningful verses with friends, but for me, I would read the verse and fifteen minutes later not necessarily remember which verse was the verse for that day.  Because of people like me, God gave me the idea to share a series of verses and then ask some questions or share some thoughts connected to those verses that hopefully cause us to ponder those questions or ideas throughout the day, which means we are more likely to remember what God is showing us through those verses.
We started with the ministry of Jesus through Lent and then the day after Easter we began with Genesis 1 and we are now just starting into Judges, which is a very active time for the children of Israel. I know it was tough for many of us as we spent the 40 years in the wilderness with the Israelites and now that we are seeing them fight for their land, we have a bit more activity.  One thing I have learned though, is that every single verse in God’s word is important and we can learn something from every word written.
As we are celebrating our anniversary this month, I would love for you to share something God has taught you this past year as we have daily walked with God’s people through many time of crisis and a few joyous times as well.  One thing God has shown me is that I am much like His children of that time.  I sometimes get frustrated with them and wonder why they keep making the same stupid mistakes over again, but I do the same thing, so not much has changed as far as how disobedient we are to God.
What have you learned, or maybe it is something you already knew, but God reminded you?
Thank You so much for being a part of our ministry family.  May you be blessed richly as you serve our Lord!
Lori Morgan
Humble servant of Jesus Christ


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