December 20 – Joshua 4:8-14

December 20 – Joshua 4:8-14

And the people of Israel did just as Joshua commanded and took up twelve stones out of the midst of the Jordan, according to the number of the tribes of the people of Israel, just as the Lord told Joshua. And they carried them over with them to the place where they lodged and laid them down there. And Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of the Jordan, in the place where the feet of the priests bearing the ark of the covenant had stood; and they are there to this day. 10 For the priests bearing the ark stood in the midst of the Jordan until everything was finished that the Lord commanded Joshua to tell the people, according to all that Moses had commanded Joshua.

The people passed over in haste. 11 And when all the people had finished passing over, the ark of the Lord and the priests passed over before the people. 12 The sons of Reuben and the sons of Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh passed over armed before the people of Israel, as Moses had told them. 13 About 40,000 ready for war passed over before the Lord for battle, to the plains of Jericho. 14 On that day the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel, and they stood in awe of him just as they had stood in awe of Moses, all the days of his life.

The passage is complete and God exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel. There can now be no doubt that Joshua is the leader chosen by God. These are men prepared for war, the land belongs to the Israelites. How will they do? Will they continue to walk daily with God? Or will they find themselves in situations that are clearly not of God.

I often chastise the Israelites and wonder to myself why they can’t get it right! Yet, when I truly view my life as God views my life, how many times do I fall short? How many times do I sadden God and find myself needed to confess my sins? Where do you find yourself today? Is it time for you to seek His forgiveness?


Heavenly Father, I too often think I would do so much better than the children did as they fled Egypt, wandered in the dessert and finally found their way to the promised land, but I can’t even imagine what they went through.  I also know they didn’t have the Holy Spirit to guide each of them personally, and that had to be so difficult.  Help me keep my eyes on You, and not others around me that struggle with obedience themselves.  I need to keep my eyes on You and the log in my own eye rather than worry about the speck in someone else’s eye.  But I also know I need to be careful who I listen to as far as doctrine, so please help me always see Your truth.  Your truth is THE truth.

In Jesus’ name.



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