November 1 – Exodus 30:1-10

1 – Exodus 30:1-10

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Exodus 30:1-10
“You shall make an altar on which to burn incense; you shall make it of acacia wood. 2 A cubit shall be its length, and a cubit its breadth. It shall be square, and two cubits shall be its height. Its horns shall be of one piece with it. 3 You shall overlay it with pure gold, its top and around its sides and its horns. And you shall make a molding of gold around it. 4 And you shall make two golden rings for it. Under its molding on two opposite sides of it you shall make them, and they shall be holders for poles with which to carry it. 5 You shall make the poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. 6 And you shall put it in front of the veil that is above the ark of the testimony, in front of the mercy seat that is above the testimony, where I will meet with you. 7 And Aaron shall burn fragrant incense on it. Every morning when he dresses the lamps he shall burn it, 8 and when Aaron sets up the lamps at twilight, he shall burn it, a regular incense offering before the Lord throughout your generations. 9 You shall not offer unauthorized incense on it, or a burnt offering, or a grain offering, and you shall not pour a drink offering on it. 10 Aaron shall make atonement on its horns once a year. With the blood of the sin offering of atonement he shall make atonement for it once in the year throughout your generations. It is most holy to the Lord.”
What an intentional God we serve. As we read about the many offerings and sacrifices, it can be very confusing. We can focus on the details, or we can see God’s true intent, which is a relationship with Him and a way to atone our sins.
What sins are you struggling with that are separating you from God? Pray now that God will not only forgive your sins, but also show you His will to honor Him and draw closer daily.

Heavenly Father, thank You for showing us how planned and intentional You are. It is so hard to understand how so many people believe creation happened as an accident. Anything You do is always perfect and never a result of an accident. You do however allow us free will and we cause many things to be different that Your plan and Your best. Help us to understand the difference in Your plan and our free will. I know it must grieve You to see how we have twisted things around to blame You for everything that goes wrong and take credit for anything that goes well. How wrong we have it. Help us to share with those who need to hear about You. Help us trust You for the result, and do our part.
In Jesus’ name.


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