September 4 – Exodus 12:40-42

September 4 – Exodus 12:40-42

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Exodus 12:40-42

The time that the people of Israel lived in Egypt was 430 years.   At the end of 430 years, on that very day, all the hosts of the LORD went out from the land of Egypt.  It was a night of watching by the LORD, to bring them out of the land of Egypt; so this same night is a night of watching kept to the LORD by all the people of Israel throughout their generations.


After exactly to the day, four hundred, thirty years of living in Egypt under slavery, brutality, hunger, watching loved ones beaten, tortured, and die, and now the Israelites are FREE!   The Lord had kept vigil, guarded, and protected them that first Passover night to bring them out safely.  Not one hand was laid on the Israelites.  They were obedient to the instructions they received from God through Moses and Aaron. They walked out freely with God protecting the exodus of the Israelites as He actively guarded them to safe passage. The Israelites honored and praised the Lord for their deliverance that night and for generations to come. 


Do you find yourself a slave to anything in life? 

Perhaps you find yourself bound by your job, house, children, friends, or even your church.  

Has God changed?  Absolutely not! 

Thank God that He is actively keeping vigil over you and ask Him to free you from any bondage in which you are trapped.  He’s ready, willing, and anxiously waiting to hear you.


Heavenly Father, You don’t do anything passively.  You are right there protecting me at every turn, just as You were with the children of Israel, not only that night, but all through their forty years of wandering.  When children are babies, we are right there watching their every move and ready to jump in if they are hurt or need protection, yet we sit back and watch as they explore and we are joyful at their progress as they learn to walk, talk, read, add, and eventually become responsible adults.  That is much the way You are with us, but one thing we get from You that we can’t give to our children is the promise to always be there and always protect.  I am so grateful that we can pass on the promises and legacy You give us to our children so they too can have this same relationship with You.  Who else, other than a loving parent would keep track of the very day I become a slave and show His love  by gaining my release on that very date? 

Thank You Father for Your unconditional love that I know I don’t deserve.

In Jesus’ name.



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