August 19 – Exodus 9:1-7

 August 19 – Exodus 9:1-7

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Heavenly Father, thank You for always protecting me from the enemy.  There are many times when I think back that I see Your hand of protection.  I know there have been many times I haven’t realized until later that it was You that kept the enemy away and gave me peace.  So often in the midst of the storm I don’t realize how the enemy is trying to defeat my relationship with You, but You are always there, guiding me, loving me, protecting me.  Even when I don’t see You because I am blinded by my own fears, busyness, or confusion.  I know You are always there.  Thank You, Father, for Your care, Your love, and Your protection every single day.

In Jesus’ name.


This plague probably had a much bigger impact on the Egyptians than the previous plagues. Their cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen and sheep were all dead.  Here we see God not only protect His chosen people but also their livestock. Not only did this protection provide great wealth for the Israelites, it protected the animals that would be used for sacrifices to God. God loved His chosen people just as He loves us. He protected them during this plague and He continues to protect us today. How have you seen God’s protection on you?  Has He protected your job?  Your health?  Your children?  Thank God today for the protection He provides you daily.

Exodus 9:1-7

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, “Let my people go, that they may serve me. For if you refuse to let them go and still hold them, behold, the hand of the Lord will fall with a very severe plague upon your livestock that are in the field, the horses, the donkeys, the camels, the herds, and the flocks. But the Lord will make a distinction between the livestock of Israel and the livestock of Egypt, so that nothing of all that belongs to the people of Israel shall die.”’” And the Lord set a time, saying, “Tomorrow the Lord will do this thing in the land.” And the next day the Lord did this thing. All the livestock of the Egyptians died, but not one of the livestock of the people of Israel died. And Pharaoh sent, and behold, not one of the livestock of Israel was dead. But the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, and he did not let the people go.


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