August 18 – Exodus 8:25-31

August 18 – Exodus 8:25-31

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Heavenly Father, these verses are proof of the fact that people cannot spend time with You, without growing.  Moses and Aaron spent time with You, talking to You, getting instruction from You, and they couldn’t help but grow in the process.  I love how Moses called Pharaoh out about his past lies and going back on his word.  Moses was barely able to speak to Pharaoh at the beginning of his quest to get his people free, and now he is speaking such truth to this very powerful man.  May I grow even a tenth of what Moses did as You taught him and worked with him.  Thank You for Your desire to spend time with me.  You are the only one that always has time and is always ready to sit with me awhile.  It doesn’t matter when I call out to You, You always respond with love, patience, kindness and truth.  Thank You for loving me so much that You always have time for me.

In Jesus’ name.


In this scripture passage, we see Pharaoh once again being less than honest. I think what I love most about this passage is that we are now seeing Moses step up and speak with Pharaoh.

How God has grown Moses!

Are you finding growth in your spiritual walk?

Ask God to grow your confidence and increase your desire to speak boldly with others about who God is to you.


Exodus 8:25-31

25 Then Pharaoh called Moses and Aaron and said, “Go, sacrifice to your God within the land.” 26 But Moses said, “It would not be right to do so, for the offerings we shall sacrifice to the Lord our God are an abomination to the Egyptians. If we sacrifice offerings abominable to the Egyptians before their eyes, will they not stone us? 27 We must go three days' journey into the wilderness and sacrifice to the Lord our God as he tells us.” 28 So Pharaoh said, “I will let you go to sacrifice to the Lord your God in the wilderness; only you must not go very far away. Plead for me.” 29 Then Moses said, “Behold, I am going out from you and I will plead with the Lord that the swarms of flies may depart from Pharaoh, from his servants, and from his people, tomorrow. Only let not Pharaoh cheat again by not letting the people go to sacrifice to the Lord.” 30 So Moses went out from Pharaoh and prayed to the Lord. 31 And the Lord did as Moses asked, and removed the swarms of flies from Pharaoh, from his servants, and from his people; not one remained. 32 But Pharaoh hardened his heart this time also, and did not let the people go.


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