June 28 Genesis 35:16-29

June 28 Genesis 35:16-29

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Heavenly Father, I know You are always there.  It sometimes feels like we are alone and our life is falling apart around us, but I know that You have a plan.  I have to admit there are many times I wish I could see Your plan and understand what it is You’re doing, but in hindsight I always see there is a reason for how things happened.  I also have to admit it doesn’t make the tough times easier to go through knowing You have a plan, because we as humans are forgetful, and sometimes even when we remember, struggle to “feel” that You are there.  I know You are always there, but there are days when its very hard to put one foot in front of the other because life has a tendency to pull our feet out from under us.  Help me lean into what I know about You and not just how I feel.  Help me believe in the way we believe when we have no doubts.  It’s not that I doubt You God, but sometimes I doubt me.  I doubt my ability to believe and trust.  The verse that always comes to my mind is “I believe, help me with my unbelief.”  I so want to believe in such a way that I can take that step even when there isn’t ground under my feet.  I want to take that step with so much faith, that the world sees You in every step I take, because I rely on You for every step.  That is what I want, Lord.  Help me be more faithful.  Help me believe as I should. 

In Jesus’ name.


Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin.  Isaac has died. Jacob, or now Israel as God has renamed him, has 12 sons and a daughter and traveling.  Talk about a hard life. 

When have you felt like life wasn’t treating you fairly?

Were you able to look back later and see God at work?

What helps you through those times when you feel alone with all your problems?

Genesis 35:16-29

16 Then they journeyed from Bethel. When they were still some distance from Ephrath, Rachel went into labor, and she had hard labor.17 And when her labor was at its hardest, the midwife said to her, "Do not fear, for you have another son."18 And as her soul was departing (for she was dying), she called his name Ben-oni; but his father called him Benjamin.19 So Rachel died, and she was buried on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem),20 and Jacob set up a pillar over her tomb. It is the pillar of Rachel's tomb, which is there to this day.21 Israel journeyed on and pitched his tent beyond the tower of Eder.22 While Israel lived in that land, Reuben went and lay with Bilhah his father's concubine. And Israel heard of it. Now the sons of Jacob were twelve.23 The sons of Leah: Reuben (Jacob's firstborn), Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun.24 The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin.25 The sons of Bilhah, Rachel's servant: Dan and Naphtali.26 The sons of Zilpah, Leah's servant: Gad and Asher. These were the sons of Jacob who were born to him in Paddan-aram.27 And Jacob came to his father Isaac at Mamre, or Kiriath-arba (that is, Hebron), where Abraham and Isaac had sojourned.28 Now the days of Isaac were 180 years.29 And Isaac breathed his last, and he died and was gathered to his people, old and full of days. And his sons Esau and Jacob buried him.


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