June 14 – Genesis 29:1-14

June 14 – Genesis 29:1-14

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Oh, Heavenly Father, how we reap what we sow. You allow us to end up the receiving end of deception so often to show us how those we have manipulated have felt. We will see Jacob get a dose of his own medicine soon, but yet You always watch out for him, as You do us. Help us Father to not deceive and manipulate but always treat others as they deserve to be treated. Help us to show the world a different way, the right way, the Godly way. Help people see that we are different because we belong to You. Help us learn from these heroes of the Bible. Sometimes I learn how I should act, and sometimes how I should not act, but help me to always learn. Help me to continue to be a student of Your Word.
In Jesus’ name.

This is such a sweet encounter. Jacob was in a foreign land, looking for relatives that he did not know. Again, God directed his path and Jacob was pleased to meet his uncle and cousin.
He would soon learn that the manipulations of his mother would pale in comparison to those of his uncle. Jacob was not without blame. He had been deceptive with his brother, greedy in receiving his brother’s blessing and because of these actions, there was discord in his family.
Jacob had yet to learn that relying on God, instead of manipulating situations, would allow him a much more peaceful existence.
What kind of seeds are we sowing as we walk in this world?
How about if we all stopped trying to manipulate situations and simply waited on God?

Genesis 29:1-14
When Jacob went on his journey and came to the land of the people of the east.2 As he looked, he saw a well in the field, and behold, three flocks of sheep lying beside it, for out of that well the flocks were watered. The stone on the well's mouth was large,3 and when all the flocks were gathered there, the shepherds would roll the stone from the mouth of the well and water the sheep, and put the stone back in its place over the mouth of the well.4 Jacob said to them, "My brothers, where do you come from?" They said, "We are from Haran."5 He said to them, "Do you know Laban the son of Nahor?" They said, "We know him."6 He said to them, "Is it well with him?" They said, "It is well; and see, Rachel his daughter is coming with the sheep!"7 He said, "Behold, it is still high day; it is not time for the livestock to be gathered together. Water the sheep and go, pasture them."8 But they said, "We cannot until all the flocks are gathered together and the stone is rolled from the mouth of the well; then we water the sheep."9 While he was still speaking with them, Rachel came with her father's sheep, for she was a shepherdess.10 Now as soon as Jacob saw Rachel the daughter of Laban his mother's brother, and the sheep of Laban his mother's brother, Jacob came near and rolled the stone from the well's mouth and watered the flock of Laban his mother's brother.11 Then Jacob kissed Rachel and wept aloud.12 And Jacob told Rachel that he was her father's kinsman, and that he was Rebekah's son, and she ran and told her father.13 As soon as Laban heard the news about Jacob, his sister's son, he ran to meet him and embraced him and kissed him and brought him to his house. Jacob told Laban all these things,14 and Laban said to him, "Surely you are my bone and my flesh!" And he stayed with him a month.


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