Please share some ideas for podcast ideas

Many of you are aware that I began my ministry in 2021 with a Podcast. It is called…you guessed it…”When God Whispers”. The very first podcast gives insight on why God had me use that name. I have neglected the podcast over the past few months, not intentionally, but at first I had some trouble with my voice after having the crud, and then I have been focused on the Facebook ministry. I really want to get where I am able to balance both aspects of the ministry and running my company. I know God has called me to balance these as He has given me a wonderful ministry team that has been an amazing resource for the Facebook ministry and I plan to get them in the studio to get their stories soon.

I would love your help with some ideas on subjects for some episodes. It’s not that I don’t have a few ideas, I actually have a few dozen ideas, but I would really like to hear what ideas you guys have. In the past I have shared my testimony from an experience I had in Jerusalem, I also shared about my husband’s journey in 2020 through being laid off from his job, find a new job that we knew was God’s provision, then finding out he had cancer and some of the things that happened through the beginning of that journey. I need to update that story and create an episode with him to tell just a few of the amazing things God did through that time.

I have also had guests on to share their stories on God’s guidance through some truly horrible ordeals, as well as how God transformed their lives in amazing ways. One of those guests was J J Ramirez who was a gang member here in Bryan, TX and once God got his attention he founded SOS (Save Our Streets) ministry. Another one of my favorite guests was my band director from my senior year in high school. That next summer his life was suddenly and drastically changed when he had a diving accident that left him in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic the rest of his life. He died not long after our last interview just 2 months and 1 day shy of surviving 40 years following his broken neck.

There are many stories of God using breast cancer, depression and mental disease, as well as one guy who, like me was a preacher’s kid and loves sharing Jesus with everyone he encounters. The episodes are all different with one exception. They all praise Jesus and the focus is to point people to the Savior that has changed my life, my guests lives and can change your life too.

I’m currently working on a couple of podcasts. One is entitled “Walking Requires a Willingness to Fall”. Another one is “What is a Disciple?”

If you have ideas for subjects, or guests that you would like to hear, please let me know. You can listen to the 100+ podcast episodes I have published by going to just about any of the major platforms such as Apple, Amazon and Spotify as well as many others, and search for “When God Whispers” with the logo you are used to seeing in the Facebook Group as well as putting my name in spelled “Lori Morgan”.

My goal in this ministry is to always point people to Jesus and help them discover how He can change their lives, either by salvation, or if they are already believers and need some encouragement, He is definitely the one we have to depend on as He is the author of love, mercy, faith, grace, compassion, and all the good things He makes available to us as we deepen our fellowship and relationship with Him through prayer, hearing and reading His word, and spending time loving on Him.

Thank you ahead of time for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
Wishing You God’s very best today!

Lori Morgan
A Disciple of Jesus Christ


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