Prayer - Easter 4-9-23

Father God, What a Sabbath that must have been. That day so long ago following the death of Jesus.
The disciples must have been scared and the pharisees must have been feeling confident and secure. They weren't as confident as they wanted to seem to outsiders as they sealed Jesus' tomb and placed guards to keep anyone away that might steal His body and say He had risen. They did everything humanly possible to keep Jesus in that grave. But that was the problem...they did what was humanly possible, because that is all they were. Humans. They didn't believe that they were dealing with the God of all creation. At least they didn't believe it on Friday.
I wonder how many of them believed by Sunday afternoon, but didn't want to admit it? They had to see God moving. How could they help it? You wrote through Isaiah, Daniel as well as many others what You were going to do. You weren't keeping it a secret. They just didn't understand Your priorities of what kind of Savior and King they needed. I wonder how many of them realized too late what they had done? I wonder if there were some that were so disillusioned by the enemy that their blinders kept them from any truth at all. Heavenly Father, You are grace, mercy and love all wrapped up together for those who believe, no matter what we've done, said, or thought. Thank You for forgiving us. I know without Jesus, I am no better than those who put Jesus on the cross. Without Jesus, I am no better than Judas. Thank You for loving me and guiding me in truth.
In Jesus' name.



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