Prayer 4-6-23

Heavenly Father, as I'm spending time reading about Christ's last week, I always struggle with Pilate's washing His hands of his part while admitting he doesn't see any guilt in Jesus. I know just washing his hands doesn't remove his guilt, but why would he allow Jesus to be turned over to this crazy mob.
Then I remember that Your will was being done. No one murdered Jesus, although it seems that way. No one took Jesus' life, although I'm sure all who were present felt that way. Jesus gave His life willingly because He loved us and knew it was the only way we had a chance. Without His sacrifice, the enemy wins. Help me remember this as i mourn for Jesus and all He went through this week. I know Sunday will be here soon, but it certainly seems so far away when I think of what Jesus went through those last few days.
Help me to remember all Christ did for me. When I'm tired, frustrated or I just feel sorry for myself, help me to remember God's Son gave His life for me. It is beyond comprehension. I've heard it all my life, but it seems every year I have a new gratitude for what He did. Help me Father to never forget or minimize what He went through...for me.
In Jesus' name.



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