Prayer 4-5-23

Father God, The story of Peter denying Jesus not just once, but three times, has always touched me. I guess it's because I know that I deny You all the time just by how I live, react to jokes, respond to a friend who needs a ride somewhere when it's cold or rainy, or a stranger asking for assistance. Every time I put myself and my comforts in front of someone else, I am denying You. Every time I respond or act in a way that doesn't represent You well, I am denying You, and betraying You.
Please forgive me Father for being so weak. Help me see You at work and help me to gave the energy and ability I need to do the right thing for Your Kingdom and put others souls above my own comforts. It sounds so easy, but I have to admit Father, the older I get, and the more things hurt, the easier it is to sit by and let things go. I know You will give me the energy and comfort to get done what You have for me to do. You don't ask me to do anything without You right by my side, so why do I hesitate at times. Why is it so hard to step out and tell the world the truth?
Peter will always be remembered for denying Jesus three times, and it sometimes seems to overshadow the tremendous disciple He was and the people He reached for Your glory. Help me to remember that Peter was a mighty servant and leader for You. Help me be a servant and a leader for You. I know they seem to not work together, but I also know that without being a true servant, we can never be a true leader for You.
Thank You for helping me see how I need to be careful of some ways I deny You without realizing it, and I praise You for how You are going to help me Love You more, Praise You more, and share about You to the lost more.
In Jesus' name!



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