Prayer 4-4-23

Heavenly Father, as I think about the urgency that Jesus had in his last days and His desire to spend as much time with You as He could, I realize how busy I get with things that don't matter, and put off the most important things I could do. Help me to see Your truth and what You have for me to do, and realize how little time we have left to reach the world with the good news of Jesus.
Help me to focus on the right things and not allow the enemy to distract me. Sometimes I focus on good things, but they might not be the things that God wants me to spend my time on. Help me see Your truth and be obedient to Your calling to reach this lost world for You. How easy it is to stay busy so we don't have to do the uncomfortable things. You never called us to be comfortable, but to be about Your business.
Help me remember that as I go throughout my week, especially this week that represents the last days and hours of Jesus Christ. He shows us by what He did in His final hours, what is most important. Help me to make right decisions and make You proud to call me Your disciple.
In Jesus' name.



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