Prayer - 4-2-23

Heavenly Father, it is very early on Palm Sunday morning and I sit here thinking about that Sunday morning thousands of years ago when Jesus was probably praying and thinking about the week ahead, about how fickle people are and how quickly they can turn on you.
Today, though I am choosing to focus on this one day. when Jesus was celebrated and treated as a king. The people went all out and gave Him great attention and truly treated Him as royalty. But our earthly praises are so pale in comparison to what Jesus deserves. I think about the picture painted by the words in Revelation of His entrance and how eventually every knee will bow to Him. Not just those present at the moment, but every knee, from all time, will bow down to Him and declare Him Lord of lords. How our praises fall so short of truly celebrating who He is. Our praises must seem so hollow to You. My heart this morning is praising His name, celebrating His life, His ministry, and His resurrection that brings us new life. Only because of Him, do we have the chance.
Thank You for making a way through Christ for us to be redeemed. Thank You for loving us, leading us, carrying us. Thank You that no matter what we face here on earth, because of Jesus we have hope, because of Jesus, we have a future worth living.
In Jesus righteous name,



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