Prayer - 4-15-23


Heavenly Father, as I think about Your creation and the beautiful garden you created, I can’t help but feel Your desire to have fellowship with us, and what better environment than a beautiful garden surrounded by Your creation.  Oh, how we continually mess up the beautiful gifts You give us.  I know as a child I always thought of this wonderful, bountiful garden filled with trees, flowers, and tons of animals, and couldn’t help but want to go visit.  As I grew older, I began to think of the Garden of Eden as more of a remote place, untouchable by humans somehow.  It almost seemed like another heaven in my mind.  Maybe because it seemed so perfect and special.  But I know Father, that it was an actual garden here on this earth.  You give such specific instructions on where it was, I know it existed and was part of your original creation.  I can’t imagine how it must have seemed when You had to remove that garden from our access.  You had painstakingly created this beautiful garden and we didn’t get to use it for long because of our own selfish desires as humans always full of pride.

Please forgive me when I take something special You give me and trample on it.  Whether it is something tangible, or a gift of Yourself, such as time with You, or Your word that we have access to like no generation every has, or the best gift of all, Your Son’s life, please forgive me when I forget that it is a special and personal gift from my amazing Father.  Please help me understand and respond better to all You do for me.  Help me to understand when words aren’t necessary, but a thankful heart is what You desire.  Help me to love You better, love Your more a little more each day, and open my eyes to how I can share that love with others, in such a way they can’t help but respond with surrendering to You and Your will.  I praise You and thank You for the opportunities You give me to share the Good News of Jesus.  Help me do a better job of sharing, caring and loving those You put in my path.  Help me represent You well.

In Jesus Name, and with a thankful heart!



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