Prayer 4-13-23

Heavenly Father, as I read these verses and think about how You created us in Your image, it makes me feel so lucky, but at the same time, it causes me to have so much regret at how I have treated You, as well as others who are created in Your image. 

My selfish nature has taken over way too many times, and I have lashed out at others to preserve my own way and the image I project to the world.  I haven’t always focused on showing the world the part that loves You.  I must admit I haven’t always loved You as I should.  I know I love You now more than I ever have, but I still don’t love You the way You deserve to be loved.  I’m not sure I’m capable of that kind of love, but I do ask, as I have prayed for years, that You help me love You more every day and help me love Your word more every day. 

As I learn about You through Your word it helps me love You more and see more how much disappointment You must feel when we love ourselves and the things our money can buy, or the position in our company, or the power and prestige a job or fame can bring.  All those things that don’t last, and don’t fill us up the way You do, when we allow You to.  I know there are times I still can feel empty, but it is always when my focus is on the world, and not on You where it belongs. 

Help me Father to keep my focus on You and what You do for me…not the tangibles, like money, houses, or even healing, but the things You do because You are complete love, complete power, complete mercy, complete grace…I could go on forever at what You are, but basically, You are everything we need yet we typically come to You last after exhausting our friends and mentors.  Help us realize You are the one with the answers.  That doesn’t mean You won’t send us to find help from a counselor or friend, but You are the One that knows who and when.  

Please help us see who You are and why You do the things You do.  You love us and try so hard to protect us from ourselves, and I for one have fought You so many times, to then realize Your love won and I’m so lucky it did. 

Thank You, Father for loving me so very much. 

Thank You for being persistent and not giving up on me.

Thank You for your patience, love, mercy, and grace. 

In Jesus’ name.




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