Prayer - 4-12-23

Heavenly Father, as I read the way You created things with such order, it helps me learn something new about You.  I know You as a God of love as well as a God of judgment, but before I saw the order with which You created the universe I never realized that everything You do has an order to it.  Nothing is by accident, not even the order You created the earth.  When I understand that it makes me realize that everything You do has an order to it and there is a reason for how and why You do things.  I think about the Ten Commandments and realize the order of those is very significant, because everything You do has order and significance.  You don’t do anything from a place of convenience or happenstance.  It is all significant. 

Thank You for showing me this and helping me see something new every single time I read Your word.  Even today as I have studied these verses for years and then again as I prepared to use them for this day in this group, and as I am praying this prayer this morning, You have shown me something new.  You tell us that Your word is living and active, and You prove it to me over and over again. 

You are such an amazing God.  Thank You for how You show Yourself to me every single day.  How You show me why I should read and reread Your word over again more times than I “think” I need it.  You constantly prove to me how alive Your word is by showing me the words in a new way every time I read it with the intention of seeing something new. 

How many times have I read Your words without thinking I could learn something?  Way too many times!  Forgive me Father when I assumed I had nothing new to learn in verses that SEEM familiar, yet You have something new for me to see.  Even as I am praying Father, You are teaching me.  When I make it about me, I can’t learn.  When I make it about You, You have so much to teach me.  Even reading that verse about me assuming I had nothing new to learn, but YOU have something new for me to see.  When my emphasis is on me, I can’t see what You have for me to learn, but when I focus on You, there is so much You want to show me, to teach me…Oh Father, help me to keep the emphasis on You and not on myself.  I want to learn, I want to see what You have for me to see and not be limited by what I think is all You have for me. 

Thank You Father for teaching me, even as I am working to help teach others. Thank You for this ministry as I have learned so very much from You as I prepare and pray what You have for me to share.  My heart is what I give You.  To use as You see fit. 

In Jesus’ precious name!




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