Prayer - 4-10-23

 Heavenly Father, as we begin, in the beginning of Your work on creating this world we live in, I pray You help us see new things we haven’t noticed before in Your word.  Help us see You in a new way and see references to Jesus that we haven’t noticed before.  Every time I read Your word, I see something new.  Help us to bring a new freshness to Your word for those who are seeking You and seeking a new word from You. 

You are so gracious and kind to give us fresh perspective and I know You will teach us many new things.  I have to be honest, I feel a little intimidated and inadequate to share parts of Your word that are not as familiar, but I know You are depending on me to share my thoughts, I am depending on You to tell me what to share, so I will lean into You rather than feel overwhelmed, knowing You alone are capable.  Capable of giving me the words, capable of the readers seeing You through those words rather than me, and capable of teaching us all whatever it is we each need to learn.  I trust You and You alone with this ministry You have given us.  We are daughters of You, the King of all creation.  We are Your servants, and Your disciples and our desire is that whatever we do or say, the readers see You in everything. 

I am so grateful You allow me to be a part of this ministry, and that You brought the others to work with me.  We are honored to be able to share this story with the world.  Please help our motives stay focused on You, and that all glory is given to You.  We are merely called to share what You are teaching us. 

Thank You for being a wonderful Father, God, Creator, Teacher and Friend,

In Jesus Name!



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