Prayer 4-11-23

Heavenly Father, I would have loved to be there as You were creating our world, heavens and everything around us.  To see our universe that is so vast come from absolutely nothing to be so perfectly formed.  What a sight it must have been.  I don’t understand the doubters who think there was an accidental bang that brought everything into place.  There was a bang, I’m sure, but it was part of the plan You brought about as You created.  How anyone can believe it was all an accident is beyond my understanding. 

You alone are capable of this kind of planning and workmanship.  The power of Your voice alone brings about such beauty and design.  Thank You Father for the beautiful heavens You give us to look at.  The stars that seem to never end, yet You set each one in place with such care. 

Help us to remember who You are and Your power each time we look up at the heavens, or the ocean that seems to go on forever.  You alone know every plant, creature, and space.  You have given us such variety to discover.  You are such an amazing God.  Help us to honor You and Your creation each day and consider it for the amazing miracle that it is. 

In Jesus’ name.




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