4-22-23 - Prayer

Heavenly Father, I think about how difficult it must have been for You to drive Adam and Eve from the garden that had been their home from the beginning. I know You probably grieved over their sin in so many ways. Probably more than they did, because You knew how much blood would be shed over this sin. You would kill animals to cover their nakedness, which is a reminder of their sin, and forever they would need some kind of covering. Then Jesus would have to die to cover their spiritual nakedness. How many billions of gallons of blood has been shed to cover our nakedness, whether physical or spiritual?

I know You are completely sovereign, perfect and full of grace and mercy. I thank You that You were willing to put up with so much disobedience from us for so long. I am grateful that You were willing to sacrifice Your Son so we had a chance to choose You through His sacrifice. I thank You that You sent the Holy Spirit to help us stay focused on You. I thank You for all You are!
In Jesus’ name.


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