4-21-23 - Prayer

Heavenly Father, we try to blame everyone but ourselves for sin in the world, but I know that even if Adam and Eve had held it together, the next generation wouldn’t have been able to stay in the garden. Why are we so prone to give up the wonderful mercies You give us every single day for life in the pit of sin? I know I do it as much if not more than most. Not only am I not immune, I lead the charge and am certainly not proud of it. I try, but I know that I can do nothing worthwhile in my own power.

Help me to be a light to others today. Not a light on my own, but a light for You. I do not matter, only You matter. Help me to not react when things go sideways in my life, as that is showing the world who I am. Help me prayerfully respond as You guide me to respond. Help me show the world that You can do the impossible. Help me show them that You can take a sinner like me, and show the world Your glory, Your grace, Your mercy, Your love!
In Jesus name!


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