4-20-23 - Prayer

 Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your word that You give us so we can know You and hear You speak to us. I thank You that You and Your word are unchanging. I thank You that You brought Jesus into Your word so early so we can know that the Trinity was in place from the beginning. I don’t always understand how things work, especially the Trinity, but I know they do because I know Your word is faithful and reliable. I thank You Father, that You are always the One I can count on. You will never let me down.

Help me have my joy and happiness in You and You alone. I know there have been times that I have made my happiness dependent on people, circumstances or my own abilities and I know that none of those things are sustainable or reliable. Help me keep my eyes on You and listen to You for guidance. When I mess up, help me to see that and make the changes I need to make to give You the glory.
Thank You for loving someone as unlovable as me.
In Jesus’ name.


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