4-18-23 - Prayer

 Oh Father, as I read about Adam and Eve taking the fruit and disobeying the one instruction You gave them, I think about how easily we as people are swayed. It doesn’t take much of a promise for us to turn our eyes off of You and onto whatever “seems” to be prettier, more fun, more popular, and we don’t even consider You.

Recently I saw a scene in a movie that really struck me with the truth that when we sin, we not only hurt ourselves and whoever was hurt by the sin, but we hurt Jesus because He died for our sins and I so easily forget that each sin I commit drove a nail into Jesus’ flesh. When I think about who crucified, I have to remember I am one of the people who but Jesus on that tree. How easy it is for us to blame others.
Help me keep my eyes focused on You and You alone. I always get into trouble when anything else is allowed to creep in and take up space. Let me think about You and what You have for me to for You.
In Jesus’ name.


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