Prayer 3-26-23

Heavenly Father, how many times have I gone my own way out of a desire to control my own destiny, when I know You only want the best for me. This story of the prodigal son reminds me of myself in so many ways. Always wanting to do what I want, rather than what I know You want. Why do I rebel against the one who loves me most, and has done everything possible to protect me from myself. How the enemy must delight when I make his work easy by turning my back on you. Please forgive me Father because I want what You want, I sometimes forget for a moment that I need to stop and look to You before I take a step that could impact everything You are trying to do for me. Help me remember that I truly want to have the desires of my heart be what You desire for me. Thank You Father for helping me see truth when I step out the wrong direction. I know You discipline me because You love me. I believe, help me with my unbelief.
In Jesus' name.



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