Prayer 3-25-23

Heavenly Father, I thank You for how You care for me and watch over me, how You bring me peace, comfort and love. Forgive me when I don't lean into You and Your love. Forgive me when I move my eyes off of You and allow myself to get mired up in the anxiety that the world gives. Please help me keep my focus on You where I can find peace. I know better, I just don't do better. I know I can't rely on myself and my emotions when things get frustrating, but for some reason I allow the flesh to take over and immediately regret it. Please help me to rely on You and You alone. Help me keep my eyes, my face and my life always moving in the direction You would have for me. You know what is ahead and You alone know what I need. Help me remember that in every decision I make. I thank You for always loving me beyond what I can understand, beyond what makes sense to the world, beyond what anyone deserves. In Jesus' name.



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