Heavenly Father, in reviewing the verses today from Matthew 8 where Jesus tells the scribe to follow Him without hesitation, I understand why, but I have to have compassion on that man as well. I totally get how we are constantly giving You excuses when You call on us to do something. We always have tasks that are "important" and require our attention, when in reality You are THE only thing we should give priority over everything else.

I also feel sorry for those who feel an obligation to care for family and to finish projects they have promised to do as You want us to keep our word as You always keep Your word. But I am sure You are counting the times I have failed to keep my word and finish a task and You just want us to be fully invested in You. These verses are so hard sometimes, but not when we realize that You and You alone should be our priority. Help me to keep You in the right spot as number one and everything and everyone else in it's proper perspective. Thank You for Your Word that teaches me something new every single day.
In Jesus's name.


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