Father, as I read these verses I am remembering times I haven't treated everyone as Your child.  There are times I have judged someone for how they look or the clothes they wear that make me think they are involved in a lifestyle of which I don't approve.  How many times have I turned my face away because I didn't want to interact with someone?  How many souls have I walked past that just needed a smile.  Help me remember that sometimes just a smile and a friendly face can share the love of Jesus and impact those who need to know You.  Help me remember that You love us all, and even when You don't approve of what we do, You love us.  

Forgive me for the times I have not been a light to those who need just a glimmer of hope.  Forgive me for the times I have selfishly thought I could ever be better than anyone else.  Forgive me for not loving You enough in those moments that I put myself aside and focus on living for You and loving others as You love them.  Help me be better, do better and live my life to represent You and not my selfish needs and wants.

Thank you for being a merciful God, and loving me when I am so unlovable.

In Jesus' name.



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