Father God, I must admit I put things in my body that it doesn't need. I have not taken care of the temple that You gave me. I am trying to do better, but can only accomplish this through You. Help me most of all to be aware of not only what goes into my body to keep myself healthy, but most important what comes out of me that is defiling. Sometimes I know there are words that are unnecessary and I speak them anyhow. I don't always have the attitude of peace and love that I need to have. Help me be more aware of my words and my attitude as I represent You in all I do. Help me to make You proud as I tell people about You and not ashamed of my attitude and words that I don't filter. It starts with my thoughts, so help me keep my mind focused on You and my thoughts on You. Help me to be a witness to You. Help the world not see me, but to see You in all I do.

In Jesus's name.


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