Father God, how amazing it would have been to see the 5,000 fed with just a few small pieces of food. I wish I could have seen it for myself, but I know it happened and I know there was significance in the bounty left over. I have always wondered how many people that were there that day had some small amounts of food, but only the boy stepped forward and offered his small amount to share. What faith that young boy had to give up his food and believe it would make a difference for the crowd. He was a willing heart. Willing to give what little he had. Help me be willing to give what I have to You and for Your glory. Help me to have faith that what little I can do, can and will make a difference in Your kingdom when it is done for Your glory and not for my own. Help me to give the gifts You have given me to step out in faith and make a difference.
Thank You for loving me and giving me opportunities to serve You.
In Jesus's name.



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