Prayer 3-29-23


Heavenly Father, You have blessed me so much in so many ways. I am rich in people that love me and encourage me. I am rich in the opportunities I have to work, and support my family. I am rich in the ability I have to seek medical attention when someone I love is sick. As we were able to seek the absolute best physicians in the world when Doug had cancer because we were within driving distance to MDA, I realized how rich I am in location for medical treatment. You are the Great Physician, but sometimes You choose to use man and the gifts You gave to treat and cure illness.
I am rich in so many ways and I take it for granted so often, but one thing I ask...please help me never put those things before You. If anything becomes as important or more important than following You and sharing Your Good News, then I will have idols, and I don't want that Father. I know there have been times I have put things in a position of importance in my life that have kept me from honoring You as You demand, and I ask forgiveness for those times. I know this is something that I must guard against every single day. Help me to keep You first place in my life. How easy it is to put our jobs, our hobbies and especially our family in a position that can alter our relationship with You and I ask that You help me keep You as my focus, my peace, my joy, my everything. I know when I do that, when You are first place in my life, You will bring everything else into focus as it should be. I thank You for the many blessings You continue to give me, and I know that they truly belong to You and not to me.
In Jesus' name.


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