Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead 3-28-23

Heavenly Father, as I read these verses today, I know this is something we all struggle with from time to time. I remember times when I didn't realize how important it was to remember that all we have belongs to You. Days when I thought it was my house, my car, and I thank you for helping me see that I only have these things as long as You allow me to use them. I am so thankful for the many things You allow me to use, for a time. Nothing in this world is permanent in any way. Even my family, friends and my own life, isn't permanent to this world. A hundred years from now the only thing that will matter is where I spend eternity and the lives I touch between now and then in Your name.
I know these things Lord, help me live these things. Help me live in such a way that You are what people see and remember of me. Help my life not be remembered for anything other than You. Help me leave Your imprint on this world and not my own. I thank You Father for loving me, teaching me, and allowing me the opportunity to choose You
In Jesus' name.



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